Foundation- Muli-Generational Home on a Budget

From The Build Show.

In our first episode of the Multi-Generational Home on a Budget series, we dive into the foundation of Brett’s personal home, designed by our very own, Steve Baczek. Brett will be living here with his wife and children as well as his parents, which makes this a multi-generational home. He and Steve start out by discussing the unique challenges and solutions for building on a site with a high-water table.

The home, a modest 2,000 square foot structure with a 900 square foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is being built to a passive house-inspired standard. This means it will be airtight, well-insulated, and have excellent air quality, reflecting Green Logic’s expertise in high-performance homes.

The foundation design incorporates features like lateral pipes to equalize water pressure, a raised slab to prevent heat loss, and a perimeter drain to manage water. Brett explains the rationale behind decisions such as a walkout basement for the ADU, which provides a private living space for his parents, and the inclusion of a garden shed that also counts as part of the accessory structure.

Steve and Brett’s meticulous planning and innovative solutions ensure that this home will not only be energy-efficient and comfortable but also compliant with zoning regulations. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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