Galaxies Beyond Our Horizon with Neil deGrasse Tyson

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What happens to quarks during spaghettification? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice answer fan questions about positrons, how we got the speed of light, where the Big Bang took place, and more!

How is the age of the universe quantifiable in Earth years? A patron asks about best practices when reaching out to physicists. Why are the origins of the universe still a mystery? Could our whole universe be inside a black hole?

Could a photon from its frame of reference see galaxies beyond our horizon? What would it be like on a planet surrounded by black holes? Learn about the dispersion of matter during the Big Bang and what happened to the place where the Big Bang occurred. We discuss the power to reorganize atoms and how to determine a planet’s north and south poles using the Right-Hand Rule.

What are some examples of energy becoming matter in our universe? Learn about positrons, thermonuclear fusion, and the moment energy became matter during the Big Bang. We break down how we got the speed of light and Ole Rømer’s observations of Jupiter’s moons.

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00:00 – Introduction: Grab Bag
2:24 – The Age of the Universe in Earth Years
5:56 – How to Write to a Physicist
10:26 – What Happens to Spaghettified Quarks?
15:33 – Why Are The Origins of Universes & Big Bangs Still a Mystery?
17:45 – Can a Photon See Galaxies Beyond Our Horizon?
20:33 – What Is It Like on a Planet Surrounded By Black Holes?
22:27 – What Is Happening Where the Big Bang Happened?
25:50 – Reassembling Atoms
28:08 – How to Find the North Pole of Another Planet
31:34 – When Energy Becomes Matter
37:20 – How Did We Measure the Speed of Light?