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Could one of the staples of a gamer’s diet actually improve physiological health the same way it has for mice and worms? Is it possible to harness plant photosynthesis with a synthetic leaf that mirrors the same chemical process to replace fossil fuels? Will small armies of robot cartographers replace Google Street View cars — and eventually explore the unknowns of Earth’s oceans? How long have hominins existed in Greece, and are our Mediterranean ancestors hundreds of thousands of years older than we think?

The James Webb Space Telescope has just captured images of molecules over 12 billion light years away — but are they just specks of matter, or are they the building blocks of stars?
Han Solo’s nap in carbonite might just be a part of your own future now that mice have been induced into a state of torpor — and it has implications for improving emergency medicine. The idea of inducing torpor was first proposed to reduce the physical demands of space travel, and when you finally cruise to Mars, who knows how many arms and legs you’ll have? Researchers at MIT have tacked on a pair of supernumerary limbs that gets us one step closer to being space octopuses.
The future of science and technology gets more exciting by the day, but we continue to uncover amazing elements of our past — like a 3,000 year old sword in Bavaria that has been preserved so well that its blade still shines. Past. Present. Future. Mind Blow!

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Brent Tiggelaar, Ian Fabs, Jonathan Hawk, Markus Fleischer, NullBlox.ZachryWilsn, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Hutton

Taurine Anti-Aging (0:00)

Artificial Leaf (0:59)

Multi Robot Mapping (1:45)

Oldest Evidence of Humans In Greece (2:29)

James Webb Telescope Discovers Oldest Organic Molecules (4:37)

Ultrasound Deep Sleep (5:38)

Supernumerary Limbs For Space Suit (6:38)

Shining Bronze Age Octagonal Sword (7:12)

Introducing The Amazing Compact Disc (7:42)

*** CREDITS ***

Hosted, Researched and Created by Kevin Lieber

Written by Matthew Tabor

Edited by Vic Grimes

Fact Checking by Geoff Barrett

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