Global National: Feb. 22, 2024 | Ontario judge rules Veltman’s murder of Muslim family was terrorism

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More than two years after a man’s deadly attack on a Muslim family in London, Ont., a judge has ruled it as an act of terrorism, sentencing him to life in prison. As Seán O’Shea reports, victims’ loved ones and the Muslim community say today’s ruling marks a day of heartbreak and hope.

There are renewed calls for the Canadian government to unseal records related to the country’s Nazi war crime files, as hundreds of suspected Nazis potentially living in the country have never faced prosecution. Jeff Semple speaks with Professor Abbee Corb, who gives an inside look of her hunt to bring the few surviving suspects to justice.

With Russia’s invasion dragging into its third year and wearing heavy on Ukrainian troops, Canadians are among the foreign recruits are trying to help fill the voids of Ukraine’s defence. Crystal Goomansingh speaks with some of the Canadians on the frontlines about their experience, the fatigue from the conflict and what Ukraine’s allies can do to help.

The majority of VIA Rail’s passenger train cars used nationwide are decades past their intended lifespan, making the aging fleet increasingly harder maintain over time. Mike Armstrong looks at the Crown corporation’s pleas to the federal government to greenlight a new fleet and what’s at stake if they go unanswered.

Plus, Église Sainte-Marie in Church Point, Nova Scotia is the largest wooden church in North America, but it has not held a service in years, and could be demolished soon as its condition deteriorates. Heidi Petracek looks at the problems plaguing the historic building and what would be lost if it cannot be saved.

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