Global National: March 1, 2024 | State funeral planned for former PM Brian Mulroney

From Global News.

On this episode: A state funeral will be held in Montreal for former prime minister Brian Mulroney. He died Thursday, at age 84, in a Florida hospital after a recent fall in his Palm Beach, Fla., home. There’s no question Mulroney had a profound impact on Canada, leading the nation for nearly nine years. As David Akin reports, there’s a lot to say about his legacy.

A member of the NDP is blasting provincial and federal governments after a Global News investigation revealed allegations that for-profit group home companies in Ontario’s child welfare system are targeting, and in some cases even charging more, to care for Indigenous kids. Carolyn Jarvis has more.

A Russian human rights group says police detained at least 45 people across Russia during the funeral of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Several thousand people gathered outside the church and graveyard, knowing that they may face arrest for being associated with what the Kremlin calls an extremist movement. Navalny died on Feb. 16, and was a vocal critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As Redmond Shannon reports, in the absence of Navalny’s wife and children, his parents led the mourners.

Plus, Jeff Semple speaks with Jean Charest, former Quebec premier and former leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party, about Mulroney’s legacy and impact on Conservative politics in Canada.

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