Global National: March 2, 2024 | US carries out 1st humanitarian aid airdrop to Gaza

From Global News.

WARNING: This video contains content that may be disturbing to viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ahead of negotiations in Cairo, Egypt., on Sunday, the U.S. has delivered the first of what it says will be many airdrops of aid to Gaza. The U.S. air force says three C-130J Super Hercules planes dropped 66 pallets loaded with food and water. Abigail Bimman has more.

Plus, a Global News investigation in northwestern Ontario’s Grassy Narrows First Nation uncovers troubling allegations that some for-profit companies in the province’s child welfare system are allegedly targeting Indigenous youth to bring in revenue. Carolyn Jarvis examines the reasons why the community has seen its children sent south for years and what the impact of separating Indigenous families might be — yet again.

Over in B.C., a school district is facing backlash for removing some classic books from its recommended curriculum, a decision that was quietly made back in November. It’s the latest controversy facing Canadian schools over whether to shelve certain books. Catherine Urquhart reports.

Fertility treatment can provide a lifeline for those struggling to conceive, but it’s an expensive procedure. And a Global News analysis found inflation is pushing prices even higher. Nathaniel Dove reports on the growing cost of conception.

There’s been no shortage of tributes to former prime minister Brian Mulroney following his death this week, who has left an indelible mark on Canadian politics. He also played a pivotal role in protecting the country’s environment, in the face of an acid rain crisis. Mike Drolet has the story behind Mulroney’s “clean hands” campaign.

And finally, residents of a small town in England are raising a glass to a remarkable victory. Their favourite pub — established back in the 1700s — was demolished last year, much to their surprise. They’ve since been told the historic watering hole must be rebuilt exactly as it was. As Redmond Shannon explains, restoring the crooked house pub isn’t straightforward.

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