GM Says You Need To Wait For EVs – TEN – Transport Evolved News – Episode 458

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*Editorial* – Due to Kate producing this week’s show (not Nikki) we had to film this a little earlier than usual. This means some major news stories (such as Ford also pushing back EV plans) hasn’t been included. We’ll be covering that next week.

Welcome to today’s show!

This week, GM gave more details on just how much it’s delaying its EV transition, Tesla gives more details about ongoing legal troubles, and a tiny car that’s selling really well.

These stories, and many more on today’s news roundup show of everything going on in the world of electric vehicles, clean transportation and clean energy!

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01:10 – GM delays plans for new EV production in order to secure profitability
02:04 – Honda abandons plans for affordable EVs built with GM partnership
02:40 – China applies export controls to graphite. South Korea looking to Mozambique and Tanzania for graphite in light of China’s move to control exports.
03:30 – Tesla hit by more Subpoenas as DoJ investigation deepens
04:23 – Recurrent data shows used EV prices are falling
05:08 – Ford strikes a preliminary deal with striking UAW workers over pay and conditions
05:52 – Stellantis revamps its commercial EV lineup – Good time maybe to say I was wrong last week instead of separate correction?
06:43 – Lucid Gravity will debut in November, we’re told
07:24- Chevrolet promises next-generation Bolt EV will get LFP battery
08:06 – Grounded building 250 mile capable RVs using Brightdrop delivery vehicles
09:52- Samsung SDI will supply Hyundai Motor Group with EV batteries for seven years from 2026
10:04 – Factorial Energy has begun operations at its new solid state battery plant in Massachusetts
10:29 – GM offers money to Bolt owners who didn’t get battery replacement
10:52 – Enphase launches its IQ EV charging solution that ties in with PV & Storage
11:09- Average tailpipe emissions worse than they were 10 years ago thanks to SUVs
11:26 – Brazilian magazine Mobiauto claims that GM is intending to compete in Brazil using a vehicle from it’s partnership with Chinese automaker Baojun
11:45 – LiveWire S2 Del Mar reservations open in Europe
12:05 – Hyundai announces new EV factory in Saudi Arabia with help from PIF
12:21 – Philippines EV summit targeting 6.6 million EVs by 2030
12:39 – New Dehli’s cabinet extending existing EV policies through to December
12:57 – Pebble showcases its Pebble Flow ahead of its LA Auto Show debut next month
13:19 – Lilium announces new sales partnership in the U.S.
13:40 – Wisk takes to the skies above L.A.
13:58 – Beta Aviation builds out infrastructure
14:16 – BMW i3 successor will be more mainstream
14:36 – Mazda says it will launch one new electric model in 2025
14:36 – Harald A. Møller AS – confirms end of sale for fossil fuel vehicles
14:13 – Li-Cycle pauses its construction on recycling plant
15:32 – Stellantis announces new battery recycling partnership
15:51 – Fisker cuts price of top tier Ocean Extreme trim
16:11- Auto loan default rates hit the highest level since the 90s
16:29 – Mercedes announced pricing for Mercedes Maybach EQS 680 SUV (starts at $179,900)
16:49 – JLR opens a new testing lab in the UK for EVs
17:05 – Solo Meccanica and Tevva not getting married
17:25 – Ontario announces new funding for community charging program
17:44 – Tesla is implementing demand pricing for charging, calls it “Congestion charging”
18:01 – California revokes Cruise Ai’s license.
18:21 – SA pushes new off-grid EV infrastructure to help accelerate adoption.
18:38 – Pricing, specs for Blazer EV published for the U.S.
19:05 – Mustang Mach E now attracts up to $13000 in cash-on-hood deals
19:25 – Peak Oil predicted to hit in the next seven years
21:21 – Japan’s top-selling EV is a $13,000 Kei Car.
22:05 – Rivian team wins Rebelle rally