Has JWST found evidence for the FIRST STARS to ever form in the Universe?

From Dr. Becky.

AD | To try everything Brilliant has to offer—free—for a full 30 days, visit https://brilliant.org/drbecky and you’ll get 20% off Brilliant’s annual premium subscription. | One of JWST’s main goals has always been to find evidence of the first stars to form in the Universe. And this month there’s a paper been published by Maiolino and collaborators claiming to have found just that, around a galaxy known as GN-z11 (the previous record holder of most distant galaxy known). But claims of evidence of the first stars in the universe, aka population III stars, are not be made lightly. So in this video we’re going to chat about (1) what are population III stars? (2) why are they so important in the history of the universe? (3) the evidence that Maiolino et al. claim to have in GN-z11, and (4) what’s next to confirm/refute this?

Maiolino et al. (2024; evidence for pop III stars around GN-z11) – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2306.00953.pdf
Wang et al. (2022; first claim of population III stars in un-peer reviewed article) – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2212.04476.pdf

Baade (1944; separation of stars into population I and II) – https://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/pdf/1944ApJ…100..137B
Thornton Page (1966; first written use of"population III" stars) – https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.151.3716.1411

JWST program 1181 – https://www.stsci.edu/jwst/phase2-public/1181.pdf
JWST program 4426 – https://www.stsci.edu/jwst/phase2-public/4426.pdf
JWST program 2926 – https://www.stsci.edu/jwst/phase2-public/2926.pdf
My previous video on GN-z11 and the discussion over whether it has a growing supermassive black hole or not – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDqdplEIXbE

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00:00 Introduction
02:06 What are "Population III" stars (aka the first generation of stars)
05:43 Why are Population III stars so important in the history of the Universe?
08:24 New evidence for Population III stars from Maiolino et al
12:18 What’s next to confirm/refute this claim of Population III stars?
14:09 Brilliant | AD
15:22 Bloopers

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