HEAVY CONSTRUCTION of a Sewage Pump Station – Ep 4

From “Practical Engineering”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

I’m on location to document the construction of a new wastewater lift station!
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This is the fourth episode of a five-part pilot series to gauge your interest in "How It’s Made"-esque heavy construction videos, so let me know what you think! Got an idea for an episode? Share it here: https://practical.engineering/location

Huge thanks to our project partners!
Owner: San Antonio River Authority (@SanAntonioRiver)
Engineer: Utility Engineering Group
General Contractor: MGC Contractors (@mgccontractors3304)

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Created by Grady Hillhouse
Edited by Wesley Crump
Camera Operator Josh Lorenz
Script Editing by Ralph Crewe
Graphics by Max Moser
Music by Donovan Bullen
Color Correction and Blurring by the Nebula Studios team
Some music from Epidemic Sound: http://epidemicsound.com/creator