Help! This Japan Street Food Market Burned Down

From Paolo from Tokyo.

Here’s where we donated – Japan Red Cross Society Relief Donation via (Japanese Account Required)
This site is also a good place to donate from overseas since they have an English website, just need to switch it to English.
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Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture and the surrounding areas experienced a devastating earthquake at a 7.6 magnitude on New Year’s day. Although we weren’t in the area, this was still a bit heartbreaking for Maiko and I, since we were just there a little over a month ago, specifically at the Wajima morning Market where we met the kindest people in the world. Even though we just met them on that one day, we were so appreciative of how they welcomed us to their market, our hearts just goes out to all of them. This is one of the hardest hit areas in Japan and pretty much no longer exists as the earthquake collapsed many buildings and then a massive fire tore through the area of more than 200 homes and shops leaving much of it in rubble. In total, more than 26,000 people had to evacuate their homes in the Ishikawa area, while more than 12,000 people had to evacuate in the Wajima area alone. 81 people have been reported dead in Wajima and 100 people still have not been found. There’s no electricity in over 6200 homes with most everyone having no access to water. We wanted to help raise awareness with this video. If you want to help yourself there are links above. Thank you for your time.

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