Help Us!

OK, full disclosure: There’s no “Us”. It’s just a guy in Ohio who’s trying to make a better Autoblog.

I created mBlip for my own personal use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and be a part of the site as well. I can assure you that there’s no ulterior motive here, and I have no intention of ever attempting to monetize this site. I just want a place on the net that I can visit knowing that I’m not being tracked or targeted or whatever. Because this site is open to everyone, that same luxury is also afforded to you as well!

Originally I had thought to just have videos on “Edutainment” and “Infotainment”, but I’m also wanting to stay on top of what’s going on in the world as well, so I’m also adding a “News” category… But there’s the categories for each channel, and there’s General Categories that I’m working to create. I’ve been adding so many categories that it’s starting to become somewhat of an information overload! AHHhhh! Help!

So where do you come in?

You can help by giving me ideas on how to organize it!

What do you think the basic “General Categories” should be?

I’ve already created a few categories, but I need to categorize everything else as well, and preferably keeping the number of general categories down to as few as possible so it all fits in the menu bar.

What other channels do you think should be made available on mBlip?

I’m always looking for new content creators to add to the current stable of channels. Keeping in mind the spirit of mBlip, I want to avoid those clickbait channels that suck away all your time. The channel must also have a somewhat consistent track record for producing decent videos that leave you feeling like you’re better off for having watched them.

What channels should be on the front page? Which ones should not?

So if we can get a list of general categories that can accurately pigeonhole the various channels, then perhaps we can better curate the front page to reflect the “cream of the crop”. Which channels should get that honor, and which channels should be out?


So that’s what I’m hoping some of you can help me with.

So the comment section is open on this page, but this page won’t be around forever. I appreciate every comment and suggestion I can get! Also, I don’t care if you put fake names and email addresses in the comment field. I just want your feedback!

As always my email address is, and you can be assured that I won’t use your e-mail to put you on any kind of a list. I’m just not that kind of a guy.

Thank you for your consideration and time, and I’ve had a lot of fun making this, so please enjoy the site!


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