Hidden Motorcycle Airbags in Backpacks and Jeans – Review

From FortNine.

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It’s in the bag – or is it? Or maybe it’s in the pants. And that’s the point really. The motorcycle airbag has been around for a few years now, but these new discrete airbags make safety more practical and less dorky.

Gear Featured :
Motorcycle Airbag Systems : https://frt9.co/avhc18
Mo’Cycle Jeans – https://frt9.co/668tnw
Helite H-MOOV – https://frt9.co/ffkrh5
Klim Ai-1 Rally – https://frt9.co/ea89f6
Helite Turtle 2 – https://frt9.co/m23t3v

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Shot by Girish Appanah