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A revealing new investigation of one of history’s most iconic aviation disasters. (Aired May 19, 2021)

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The cause of the infamous Hindenburg crash has baffled experts for over 80 years, with theories about the airship’s fire ranging from deliberate sabotage to a spark generated by the stormy conditions in which it landed. But little-known amateur footage of the crash has resurfaced, showing the airship’s final seconds from a fresh angle and in unrivaled clarity. Taking clues from the footage and other sources, NOVA leads a fresh investigation at a leading scientific lab with eye-opening experiments that point to a final solution of the mystery.

00:00 Introduction
01:45 Investigation of the Hindenburg Crash Begins
05:07 Zeppelin Airship Mechanics: History of Hindenburg
10:32 The Day of the Crash: Was it Sabotage?
14:48 The Spark that Caused Disaster
18:36 A New Angle Caught on Film
23:40 An Unbalanced Aircraft: Hydrogen Leak
29:11 Zeppelin Archive Experts Give Feedback
33:20 Were the Landing Ropes the Cause of the Spark?
39:17 Replicating the Accident in a Lab Reveals True Cause of the Crash
49:54 Conclusion

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