Home Theater Hack: Lighting Matters!

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Tshaka will walk you through simple hacks to make your streaming more enjoyable and immersive. One does include a DIY installation, but he’s terrible at that, so if he can accomplish this, just about anyone can. And it will raise the value of your property by as little as a few hundred dollars. Smart plugs, wall switches, and voice-activated window coverings will all be up after you watch the video!

00:00 Intro
1:50 Wall switches – more reliable than standalone bulbs for your hardwired lighting
4:12 Smart Plug switches for controlling lamps and LED string lights
5:23 Let there be light! Or, no light. Lutron Serena shades. Automated lighting control of this caliber isn’t just for the wealthy any longer!
7:35 DIY: installing the Lutron Architectural Honeycomb shades. So easy, I could do it.

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