“Hopeless”: Gaza refugee couple expecting baby in Rafah fearful as Israel plans next move

From Global News.

A refugee couple in the Gaza border town of Rafah are expecting their second child next week, but without a safe place to deliver, they’re hoping to escape to Canada as soon as possible.

The couple, Lama and Nedal Zaqout, are among 1.4 million refugees in Gaza, the majority of them crowded against the Egyptian border as they nervously await Israel’s next move.

22-year-old Lama’s delivery will require a c-section, but major hospitals in the region such as Al-Shifa, where Nedal worked as a nurse when the Israel-Hamas war started, have been destroyed in battle. Nedal says Lama, who suffers from anemia, has been struggling to find health care. She is due to deliver her second child on Feb. 14.

“I am filled with fear,” Lama told Global News. “How will we survive what awaits us?”

“Our biggest fear is that the occupation is attacking the Rafah area, which is our only escape. How will I deal with my wife’s pregnancy and her pain? Where will I go next?” Nedal said. “The situation is hopeless.”

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