How can we make healthcare equal for everyone? – with Kevin Fenton

From The Royal Institution.

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the huge health inequalities that exist in our society, and London was no exception. So how can we improve health outcomes for everyone?

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The COVID-19 pandemic showed the world how our social and physical connections to each other can both harm and help us and why an inequitable world is everyone’s problem. A girl born in Tower Hamlets is expected to live 12 years less in good health than someone born just 10 miles away in Wandsworth. In 2020 the premature mortality rate in the most deprived areas of London was almost three times that of the least deprived. Irrespective of your condition in life, these inequalities affect our communities, the services we receive, and ultimately our ability to live safe, economically productive and healthy lives in our city.

But there is hope. Drawing upon his career tackling disparities, first in HIV and, more recently, COVID-19, Kevin explores where we can do better, what we can do next, and how together we can create a more equitable and just legacy for current and future generations.

Professor Kevin Fenton is a senior public health expert and infectious disease epidemiologist who has worked in various public health executive leadership roles across government and academia in the UK and internationally, including leading in London’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was awarded a CBE in the 2022 New Year honours list for services to public health.

This Discourse was recorded at the Ri on 27 April 2023.

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