How Dangerous is Fake Car A/C Refrigerant? Let’s Find Out!

From Project Farm.

I purchased two brands of refrigerant advertised and replacement refrigerant for R-134A for a vehicle’s air conditioning system. Using the proper test equipment and proper safety techniques, I compared both alternative refrigerants to R-134A. I hope this review helps you avoid making a costly mistake.

I purchased all of the refrigerants, all equipment, and all supplies used in this review to ensure an unbiased comparison. So, thank you for supporting the channel—it helps!

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Leak Saver:
Refrigerant Scale:
Vevor Refrigerant Recovery Machine:
Vevor Refrigerant Recovery Tank:
Vacuum Pump:
Manifold Gauge Set:

Videography Equipment:
Canon EOS R6 Mark II:
Canon 70D Camera:
Azden Microphone:
Go Pro Bundle:

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