How do Brass instruments actually work?

From David Bennett Piano.

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How to play a bugle, Steve the Musician:
Trombone Mutes, Paul The Trombonist:
Trumpet harmonic series chart:
OnMusic Dictionary, Trumpet airflow:
The Serpent:
Alphorn players:
Philharmonia Orchestra, Bass trombone:
Philharmonia Orchestra, Tuba:
Brass family of instruments, Oregon Symphony:
Philharmonia Orchestra, Bass trombone, Euphonium

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 How brass instruments make sound
5:05 Apple Music Classical
6:11 Which brass instruments are in an orchestra?
6:57 the highest pitch is flexible
8:33 other brass instruments
9:19 Conical vs. Cylindrical bore
10:11 Mutes
10:57 writing for brass
11:31 Transposing instruments
13:24 other techniques
14:13 Saxophone is not a brass instrument
14:30 Labrophones
15:22 Patreon Outro