How does a Speed Cube work? (Fast Rubik’s Cube)

From Jared Owen.

A Speed Cube is a special kind of Rubik’s Cube that is meant to be solved quickly. Thanks to Speed Cube Shop for sponsoring the video!
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00:48-Cube History
01:25-Solve It Fast
02:11-Tips for solving
05:30-Inside Rubik’s Cube
06:05-Inside Speed Cube
06:28-Tensions & Lube
08:34-Side Magnets
09:04-Speed Cube Shop
09:42-Watch More Videos

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About the Rubik’s Cube

🟠This animation was made with Blender 3.5 (Cycles Render)

I modeled the Speed Cube based off of the MoYu RS3M – it was fun to make!

🎵Music (
"Night Life" by LNDO
"All Together Now" by Daniel Musto

🎧Here is some of the gear that I use for animation:
Graphics Card: GTX 3090ti
Microphone: Shure MV7
Mouse: Razer Naga X
Chair: Staples Gaming Chair

📼Video Summary:
The Magic Cube was invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974. Then in the 1980s it was renamed to the Rubik’s Cube. The Speed Cube is a special version of the Rubik’s Cube that is meant to be solved very quickly. Those that try to solve it quickly are called "Speed Cubers". They use tricks like Corner Cutting and Algorithms to eliminate time. The most popular method for solving the cube is CFOP which has four steps: Cross, F2L (First 2 Layers), OLL (Orientation of Last Layer), and PLL (Permutation of Last Layer). Other methods for solving the cube are Roux, ZZ, and Petrus. Inside the speed cube you’ll find the core made up of six center pieces, and then the twenty "cubies" which consist of 12 edge pieces and 8 corner pieces. The Tension System is made of 6 springs inside the Center pieces. Some versions of the cube magnets inside the core – using MagLev technology. Lots of different brands of speed cubes – get yours at

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