How He Makes $200,000,000/Year

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How did self-made entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian go from eating out of dumpsters to making $200 million a year? That’s what you’ll learn in this interview.

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Bedros’ family moved from Armenia to the United States when he was six years old as political refugees fleeing the oppression of the Soviet Union. He found his passion for fitness as a teenager, when working out helped him build confidence after a childhood of being teased for being different. This led him to work as a personal trainer in his early twenties, and he ended up training with an entrepreneur who taught him how to start his own business.

In the years since, Bedros has built several successful, multi-million dollar brands. Today, his Fit Body Boot Camp franchise and business coaching company Empire Systems are at the heart of his 8-figure business empire. His mission is to help others unlock their true potential through entrepreneurial advice and motivation, and his clients have used that advice to become thought leaders in their industries.

In this interview, Bedros is sharing the entrepreneurship insights that helped him achieve the success he has today. You’ll hear what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and how you can develop one. He’ll also share his advice on the best ways to start and grow a business from scratch, what it takes to be an exceptional business leader, and how you can follow in his footsteps to become the star of your own rags-to-riches story.

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00:00 – START
00:42 – Meeting Bedros and touring his location
02:17 – How to choose a business niche
04:21 – Biggest challenge getting started
05:39 – Biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make
06:32 – Six pillars of high performance
09:04 – Importance of social media today
11:04 – How to network as a new entrepreneur
13:09 – How to identify and correct problems
16:21 – Masterworks sponsor
16:46 – Systems to put in place from the beginning
17:57 – Biggest mistake he made early on
18:43 – Coaching options for starting entrepreneurs
21:21 – How to get started with no money
22:17 – Tools he uses to run his business
24:26 – Skills all entrepreneurs share
25:21 – Tour of his facility
27:26 – Blitz questions
29:24 – Developing self-disciplined
30:49 – Biggest challenge currently
32:14 – What makes a business scalable
32:54 – What skills you need to be a coach
34:14 – Planning steps before starting a business
35:59 – How has becoming an entrepreneur changed
37:34 – Using social media to hire team members
38:48 – How entrepreneurship will change in the next 10 years
40:57 – Definition of an entrepreneur
41:28 – Final words
43:45 – Outro

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