How I Turned $400 Into $150M

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Antonio Sustiel came to the United States almost thirty years ago with $400 in his pocket. Now, he owns a $150 million global flooring empire, and you’ll learn how he built it in this episode.

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Flooring King isn’t Antonio’s first business. He built and sold a multi-million dollar perfume company, and used $100,000 from that sale to finance his new venture in the flooring business. In this interview, he’ll share how he spent that initial investment, and how someone with little money can get started in the flooring industry.

Just like any empire, Antonio’s wasn’t built overnight. Flooring King opened its doors twenty years ago, and in that time he’s seen trends shift from wood flooring to laminate flooring, with a few stops in between. Waterproof flooring is his most popular and profitable seller today. In this interview, he’ll give newcomers to the industry a guide to floors, where to get the best products, and how to keep your costs low.

A major driver of Flooring King’s growth has been their exceptional customer service. Antonio will share his secret to satisfied customers. We’ll also hear his best marketing strategies for bringing in new business and how he plans to grow from 9 locations to 350 in the coming years.

There are tons of insights in this video, not just for people in the flooring business, but anyone who wants to build a million-dollar company. If you like this video, here are some more interviews you’ll want to watch:

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00:00 – START
00:42 – Meeting Antonio
02:31 – Common objections from customers
04:00 – Revenue and profit margins
04:47 – Initial investment and cost to start
05:55 – Keeping costs low
07:45 – Locations and growth plans
08:33 – Most profitable types of flooring
09:16 – Biggest mistakes made early on
11:06 – Sponsorship – Wise Coatings Franchise
12:50 – Flooring from U.S. and Europe vs. China
13:36 – How to attract new customers
14:05 – Tour of the showroom
15:08 – Lead generation
15:57 – Customer service process
17:22 – Developing sales confidence
18:00 – Leadership style
18:54 – Profit margins on vinyl
19:47 – Fan Blitz
20:46 – Hiring employees
21:22 – Inventory and installation
21:58 – Building brand awareness
24:10 – Necessary equipment
25:03 – Boating and boat racing
25:41 – Expansion plan
27:02 – How to start with little money
28:22 – Changes to the industry in 20 years
29:25 – Daily habits for success
29:54 – Secret to 100% customer satisfaction
30:22 – Final advice
31:09 – Outro

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