How Lexus Fixed Tesla’s Bad Idea: Steer-By-Wire Yoke

From Engineering Explained.

Lexus Is Going To Change Steering Forever With Their New Yoke!
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The Lexus RZ 450e has a surprising amount in common with the Tesla Model S. They’re both electric, they’re both all-wheel-drive, and they both offer a steering yoke! Not surprising, Lexus doesn’t want to call it a yoke, because Tesla’s steering yoke got so much negative feedback upon it’s release, and with good reason. Lexus has overcome the Tesla’s flaws, however, with a clever new design: steer-by-wire. You see, there isn’t anything physically connecting the steering wheel to the steering rack; all communication is electronic!

Before you freak out, know that we’ll deep dive into this technology in this video, answering the following five questions:
1) How does steer-by-wire work?
2) Why would you use steer-by-wire, and what are the advantages?
3) Can you trust steer-by-wire to be safe and reliable?
4) Why is Tesla’s steering yoke a bad design?
5) What drawback’s does Lexus steer-by-wire system have?

Enjoy the video!

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