How Offshore Solar Could be the Future of Energy

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How Offshore Solar Could be the Future of Energy. Go to and get 20% off your subscription and a 30 day free trial with! What’s stopping us from converting the open ocean into a massive solar power plant? After all, land has always been a complicated issue in the world of renewables, and as populations grow denser, it’s all the more relevant. How do we balance the urgency of the clean energy transition with the space needed for agriculture, housing, and conservation? Establishing offshore wind farms is one way. But it also turns out that we can also stand to gain a lot from offshore solar. That is, if we can figure out how to steady marine floating photovoltaics in the same way we’re already experimenting with freshwater FPV. Developing seaworthy panels is a lot more complicated than smashing a bottle on the array and setting sail. So, what makes ocean FPV worth a shot? And what’s holding it back?

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