How Old EV Batteries are Perfect for Energy Storage

From Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

How Old EV Batteries are Perfect for Energy Storage. Get BougeRV solar panels today: BIG discount codes: MATT27 – 27% off 200W CIGS solar panels, MATT20 – 20% off 100W CIGS solar panels. After June 6th they drop to 17% off, so don’t miss out. And use MATT15 for 15% off other products. All codes valid until September 1st. It’s been nice to see the growing popularity of electric vehicles these last few years, but EVs need batteries and batteries don’t last forever. In fact, the first generation of EV batteries are already dying, and there’s an absolute dead battery typhoon coming. Lithium battery recycling is improving, but it’s still far from where it needs to be. Luckily there’s another option that’s pretty simple. Just take those used batteries and repurpose them for less demanding large scale energy storage. That’s exactly what’s happening at a recently opened 25 MWh grid scale energy storage system in California. But if these batteries are “dead,” how are they able to bring new life to renewable energy storage?

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