How Solar Power Got So Cheap … So Fast

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How Solar Power Got So Cheap … So Fast. Order yourself a LARQ Swig Top Bottle to go plastic free and enjoy ice cold water throughout the entire day. CODE: MATT10. The growth of solar energy has exploded in the past few years. According to Our World in Data, solar power’s share of global electricity production jumped from 0.15% percent in 2010 to over 4.52% in 2022. This has left even the most optimistic solar energy adoption predictions in the dust. And everyone from skeptical naysayers to the loudest cheerleaders have been taken by surprise. In a 2012 Harvard Business School paper, researchers referred to solar energy as “the most expensive renewable energy.” Compare that to about a decade later where we’re entering solar power’s “terawatt age.” The sun is now widely regarded as the cheapest way to generate electricity. If there were ever a time to get in on solar panels, it would be now.

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