How the Music Spoils Sweeney Todd (and why that’s a good thing!)

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Attend the tale of the Dies Irae



This blog post has most (if not all) of the instances of the Dies Irae:

Another great article about the characterization in Sweeney Todd, also some Dies Irae:

Sondheim’s breakdown of Epiphany:

Sondheim discussing using just a single idea and developing it:

Into The Hoods’s Sweeney Todd breakdown (I HIGHLY recommend watching this):

Musicals w/ Cheese’s Epiphany breakdown:

Kevin Lynch’s Epiphany breakdown:

TheDetectiveSteve’s review of Burton’s adaptation of Sweeney Todd:

Bobby Burns’s review of Burton’s adaptation of Sweeney Todd:

Full discussion of Sweeney Todd that I completely forgot to credit in the video (sorry!) by Musicals w/Cheese:

Sondheim discussing the Dies Irae and Sweeney’s musical identity:

An amazing dissertation on Sweeney Todd (It’s where I read about how there are 15 leitmotifs, and that 13 are directly related to the Dies Irae):

Another amazing thesis that collected several critical leitmotifs from Sweeney Todd, also, naturally, discusses the inclusion of the Dies Irae at length:

And the third thesis that I looked at in preparation for this video that corroborated everything else that I had read:

Dies Irae Excerpt:

Live Epiphany Clip:

Finally, "Sondheim on Music" by Mark Eden Horowitz
I can’t recommend this book enough, it’s such a fun read.