How This Battery Is Revolutionizing Energy Storage

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How This Battery Is Revolutionizing Energy Storage. Order yourself a LARQ PureVis Bottle to go plastic free and enjoy fresh tasting, pure water on the go There is no perfect energy storage. Every one of them has pros and cons. One might be perfect for electric vehicles, but horrible for another use case because of cost, longevity, power output, etc. But what if you combined two separate technologies into one package? Better yet, what if you could pair two very different batteries together, so they could cover each other’s weaknesses? Well, one company is trying to do just that, and has developed a battery that can achieve incredible ranges for something like an EV, all at a lower price than you might think. So, are two batteries really better than one?

5:13 Accidently said carbon-oxygen-bond instead of cobalt-oxygen-bond

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