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In this video, This Old House mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner add an extra parking spot to keep their vehicles off of a very busy street.

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Adding a parking spot to a driveway can increase the driveway’s usefulness, keep the vehicle safe and away from busy streets, and even provide an extra spot for repairs. And while it’s not exactly a DIY project, it’s helpful to understand the steps on how extending a driveway with asphalt is done.

You Might Need Permission
In many municipalities, the sidewalk and even some of the yard may belong to the town. Adding a parking space that may affect the town’s property will require permission. On top of that, the town may require a permit. While neither item is usually a big deal, homeowners should do their due diligence and check with the town first.

Hire an Asphalt Contractor
Asphalt requires special equipment, techniques, and knowledge, so it’s best to hire a contractor. Knowing how to slope the 300-degree asphalt before it hardens is critical, else there can be low spots that collect water or rain may run off in the wrong direction.

Mark the Utilities
Installing an asphalt driveway requires some excavation, and contractors need a general idea of where the utilities lie. For this reason, asphalt companies will call utility marking agencies to come out and mark the yard wherever the gas, sewer, water, or underground electricity travel under the yard.

Where to find it?
Mark recruits the help of a local asphalt contractor to install a parking spot for a homeowner on a busy street.

Contact utility locating services in preparation for any project that requires digging. Once water, gas, and sewer lines that run underground are identified and marked, it’s safe to proceed on to digging.

To prep the space the crew will dig down about 15” to get below the frost line and use a specialty
compactor, called a drum vibratory roller, to compact the soil to establish a solid base. Add a layer of crushed added for proper drainage. Pour the asphalt base and surface layers, compacting between each layer.

Visit the Better Business Bureau [] website to find reputable asphalt companies near you.

The asphalt is sealed with a product manufactured by Pioneer Sealcoat, LLC. []

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How to Extend a Driveway with Asphalt | Ask This Old House