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In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey teams up with a local plumber to install a new stove and a vented microwave to exhaust the fumes.

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Richard Trethewey makes a house call to Philadelphia. There, he helps a homeowner upgrade her oven as well as install a new microwave with ventilation. Partnering with a local licensed plumber, the pair remove the old units, modify some plumbing and ductwork, and install new units that the family can enjoy for years to come.

Ventilation is always important in a kitchen. It prevents unnecessary humidity from building and can help eject smoke if that casserole gets away from you. But, when it comes to gas appliances, a properly-exhausting hood or microwave is critical for keeping potentially harmful contaminants out of the house. Here’s how to install a vented microwave.

Difficulty: ⅗
Cost: Around $40 not including the microwave
Time: 4 hours

Where to find it?
Richard heads to Philadelphia to help a homeowner with a leaking gas oven. Richard teams up
with local plumbing expert, Kelly Ireland []. Together, they install a new gas oven and built-in vented microwave [].

To install the microwave, Richard and Kelly drill in the mounting brackets into the wall using an
electric drill []. Richard uses a hole saw [] to cut an access hole to run the plug into the receptacle in the overhead cabinet. He also cuts an access hole for the ventilation duct [] to come through the overhead cabinet using an orbiting sawzall []. Richard offsets the exhaust by installing a double elbow [] ventilation pipe. Kelly uses an auger drill bit [] to drill the pilot hole to the exterior. After, Kelly uses a hole saw to cut an access hole to the exterior of the house. Richard cuts the exterior access hole with the hole saw and installs the exterior exhaust vent [].

To install the gas stove, Kelly has to allow space for the gas connection. She partially modifies
the wall by cutting into it with a sawzall behind the connector. To ensure the stove is secure,
Richard and Kelly install an anti-tip bracket []. Once secured, Richard and Kelly check the level [].

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Vented microwave []
Ductwork []
Flexible elbow []
Duct louvers []
Anti-tip bracket []

Drill []
Pilot bit []
4-inch hole saw []
Reciprocating saw []
Stud finder []
Angle grinder []
Level []

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How to Install a Vented Microwave | Ask This Old House