How to Make A Rude Person Immediately Regret Insulting You

From Charisma on Command.

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Today we’ll go over how to handle it when someone insults you.

We’ll start with a few comebacks that are great at winning over a crowd and embarrassing the person who insulted you. The downside is they can make the target of your comeback hate you.

Then we’ll cover some friendlier, more charismatic responses so you come away looking cool and confident without making enemies.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – #1: Use an Aikido insult
0:42 – #2: Point out they’re easy to dislike
1:24 – #3: Use a Trojan Horse compliment
1:52 – #4: Genuinely compliment the insult
2:20 – #5: Assume positive intent
3:13 – #6: Agree and exaggerate
4:24 – #7: Be non-reactive
4:33 – #8: Call out their behavior
5:41 – #9: Just walk away
6:06 – #10: Draw a boundary


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