How to recognise chord progressions by ear

From David Bennett Piano.

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Relative pitch is a skill that any musician can learn and it allows you to identify the chord progression of a song just by ear! Today we’ll look at every chord you could encounter in the major key and learn what it sounds like.

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0:00 what is Relative pitch?
1:25 I
2:14 V
3:19 IV
4:43 vi
5:46 ii
7:01 iii
8:42 Chord Crush
9:30 bVII
11:18 bIII
12:39 bVI
13:51 bII
15:23 bV
16:45 iv
18:24 III
20:14 II
21:34 VI
22:56 VII
24:07 v
30:50 Patreon