How To Ruin Your Electric Car’s Battery – 3 Common Mistakes

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Three Tips To Keep Your Electric Car’s Battery From Degrading Too Fast
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Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, but a common concern remains for many owners – what about the battery? An electric car’s battery is by far the most expensive part, so replacing it means a huge bill. The good news, however, is that there are many practices you can put into place to ensure your electric car’s battery lasts for hundreds of thousands of miles.

This video seeks to not only understand what the best practices are for keeping your electric car’s battery in good health, but also, the scientific reasons *why* these best practices are useful. We’ll look at different causes of battery degradation, helpful tips for extending the life of your battery, and what scientific research says about he effects of various harmful parameters on battery health.

The video will answer the following questions:
1) Why do batteries lose capacity over time?
2) What percentage should you store your battery at?
3) Is it okay to charge your electric car to 100%?
4) How often should you recharge your electric car?

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