How We Take Spacecraft Out of Orbit

From StarTalk.

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How do we get spacecraft out of orbit? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice break down everything you need to know about deorbiting spacecraft and safely reentering our atmosphere. How are we going to get the ISS out of orbit?

Learn about terminal velocity, escape velocity, and how aerobraking heat shields save fuel. We discuss issues with uncontrolled orbits and crashing into the Pacific Ocean. Plus, why did we let Casini burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere? How are we going to get the ISS out of orbit? Neil also shares his ideas about the new space race and China’s space station.

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00:00 – Introduction: Deorbiting
00:30 – Breaking Down Reentry
3:11 – Getting to Terminal Velocity
4:35 – Aerobraking with Heat Sheilds
7:41 – Deorbiting Casini
8:32 – Deorbiting the ISS & China’s Space Station
10:02 – The New Space Race
11:30 – Closing Thoughts