How World War 1 FINALLY Ended The Roman Empire

From “Joe Scott”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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What we think of as the Roman Empire lasted from 27 BCE to 476 AD. But the end of the Roman Empire is way more complicated than that, with some putting the official end at 1453, some at 1806, and some – though this is a massive stretch – claim that it was actually World War 1 that finally did the Romans in. Whenever you may think it ended, it makes you think about the complexity of history, and why we are still so obsessed with this long-ago civilization.

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0:00 – All Men Think About Is The Roman Empire
1:32 – An Empire Divided
4:10 – The Fall of the West
6:51 – Enter the Ottomans
8:02 – Tangent Cam
8:27 – Caesars of Rum
11:32 – The Slow Decline
14:03- Over on Nebula
16:49 – The Definite End