How Would You Save The Maldives? (The 7 Choices)

From “Kento Bento”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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Animated documentary-style videos on extraordinary Asian events.

Kento Bento — Research, script, narration, music, video editing, motion graphics, illustration storyboard
Charlie Rodriguez — Illustration


How Would You Save The Maldives? (The 7 Choices)

The Maldives, 2119 — in the Indian Ocean. Children play on the streets, as worshipers enter the city mosque for their morning prayer. Fresh fruit & vegetable stands line the alleyways, as nearby fishermen with their buckets of entrails gut their morning catch on the sidewalk. This is the city of Malé, the capital of the Maldives, and in 2119 (aside from some advanced architecture) it appears life in the Maldives isn’t so different from a hundred years earlier.

But the closer you look, the more you may miss, because you should in fact be looking from afar – far back enough to see that the nation of islands, formerly known as the Maldives, has actually long been evacuated. In place, a nation of oil rigs — because this is the NEW Maldives…