I Give Up – WAN Show April 14, 2023

From Linus Tech Tips.

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0:00 Chapters
1:06 Intro
1:32 [Topic 1]: AI Agents
2:05 —Auto GPT
4:34 —Examples/Potential Dangers of this tech
8:46 —AI Agent Gaming
18:24 —AI Agent Game caveats
21:10 —Discussion Question: What are the likely applications and limitations of this technology?
22:51 —Building a better AAA game is impossible
26:45 —LocalGPT
27:12 [Topic 2]:Elon Musk’s AI Investments
29:24 —Is Elon giving up on Twitter?
32:25 —AI Startup Bubble
34:53 —OpenAI not working on GPT 5
36:19 [Topic 3]:Linkedin Verified
41:08 —Have we given up on privacy?
43:43 —Roasting Luke’s Linkedin Profile
44:15 —Linus’ Linkedin
46:38 Side topic: Mirrored Channels
49:04 Merch Messages 1.
49:11 If LMG didn’t exist, where would you work?
1:01:07 Flipper Zero ethics
1:03:45 [Topic 4]:Mario Movie
1:05:00 —Linus liked it!
1:07:50 —How was the voice acting?
1:08:37 —Mario Movie 2?
1:11:49 Nintendo Cinematic Universe
1:14:37 [Topic 5]:Potential Microsoft Steam Deck
1:16:37 —Perils of Saves in games
1:20:13 —ROG ALLY
1:24:52 —Handhelds from other companies
1:28:09 Sponsors
1:30:42 Side topic: Seasonic is Cool!
1:32:35 Merch Messages 2
1:32:37 —AI Adult Content Ethics
1:36:31 —Calibration Tech under right to repair?
1:39:07 —Sticker Shock in Niche Markets
1:44:51 —Who is your Professional Inspiration?
1:49:41 [Topic 6]:4070
1:56:25 —Future of GPU Market
1:59:48 [Topic 7]:Universal Music Group vs AI Scraping
2:00:13 —Does this matter/can they stop it?
2:04:24 [Topic 8]:Floatplane Exclusives coming to YouTube (Memberships)!
2:14:57 Side topic: Mech Messages are getting long/ new ideas
2:16:45 —Linus’s weirdest thing confiscated by TSA
2:21:30 [Topic 9]: Tesla recording Users
2:25:16 [Topic 10]: Intel Teams up with ARM
2:27:23 WAN SHOW: After Dark
2:27:53 —Are young people going to be better at AI Tech?
2:29:57 —Which one of Linus’ cats is his favorite?
2:31:35 —Will company’s be able to make a LLM lie detectors.
2:32:20 —Why is Multi Monitor Management not better?
2:38:18 —AI Antivirus
2:37:10 —What will Linus’ last video be (in 2074)
2:38:42 —What antiquated tech will you keep?
2:40:10 —WAN guests when?
2:41:14 —LTT handwarmer
2:43:37 —Stubby Screwdriver Progress Update
2:43:59 —AI Crypto Trading/Betting
2:44:52 —Have the goals of Floatplane changed?
2:47:22 New Desk pad lttstore dot com
2:51:09 —Are there areas where we should regulate to preserve jobs?
2:58:18 —Why hasn’t AMD released any new GPUS since 7900 in December?
3:01:43 —What surprised you at Micron?
3:03:05 —What would you change about the Telecom Industry?
3:04:35 —What will be the future of portable gaming?
3:07:07 —What Tech courses should you take?
3:08:02 —Any LTT garments should you not use fabric softener on?
3:10:10 —What do you guys think about tech channels releasing time before NDA deadline?
3:15:48 —Nebula’s Lifetime Membership
3:19:47 —Have you ever seen a surface election display monitor
3:20:32 —LTT partnership with Ifixit?
3:21:08 —LTT relocation services?
3:21:24 —Linus offering a screwdriver with all the bit sets
3:22:05 —Favorite Small form—factor case?
3:22:58 —Recreating Old LTT videos?
3:24:51 —Split screen support on the iPad for Floatplane
3:25:05 —Luxury Backpack update
3:30:05 Rapid Fire Questions
—UV backpack update?
—Non AI product looking forward for?
—Linus TV or Movie casting choice? (Ryan Gosling)
—Favorite controller to use?
3:32:14 —New AI safety Measures?
3:32:44 —New Mainframe tech
3:33:07 —LTT as consultants?
3:35:30 —Home PC, Rack vs Tower
3:35:44 —G-suit Issues
3:36:12 —Creator Warehouse concerns
3:37:24 —Linus’s Parent Tips
3:37:33 —Nostalgic Gaming Era
3:39:16 —Jobs after AI
3:40:14 —AMD Driver Updates
3:40:36 —Linus too trusting
3:41:35 —Labs testing screen protectors
3:42:28 —What chargers do you travel with for Steamdeck?
3:43:30 —Should companies block Chat GPT?
3:44:44 —How would you sell Apple products?
3:46:42 —QLED longevity
3:47:14 —Janky tech solutions
3:48:40 —Can you saved hacked Drives?
3:50:55 —New His and Her’s Undergarments
3:52:40 —Italy Blocked Chat GPT
3:53:50 —Linus Mentoring Smaller Creators
3:55:20 Outro