I have opinions about string light colors

From Vihart.

It’s fine though.

Bonus exercises for those who absolutely will continue to overthink this for the rest of their lives:

1. If you have a 150 light strand with 5 “Christmas” colors, and decide to remove all the pink ones and make it a 4 color pattern, what’s the minimum number of lights you’ll have to replace/move? Can you generalize to any number of lights and colors?

2. Choose, or create, a holiday that doesn’t have string lights as part of its standard decor… yet. Decide what colors the lights should be, considering how the colors will mix and light the room. Get as detailed about frequency, spectrum, and incandescent vs led considerations as you want.

3. Remember how you could think of chasing light patterns as moving slowly in one direction, faster in the other, or even faster in the original direction? How far does this go? Can you come up with a way to describe this, for different numbers of lights and different chase patterns?

4. Create something that has the vibe of string lights with different colors and chase patterns. Use a musical instrument, a computer program, makeup, dance, or any medium you enjoy. It could use simple blobs of color, plain text numbers, sounds, or movements.

5. Say you have 3 spider light factories, each of which exclusively makes one color of light: orange, purple, and green. If you are producing 3 different colors for 10 bulb string lights that start and end with orange, how much efficiency are you losing by having idle factories that don’t need to produce as many purple and green spiders?

6. Prove irrefutably that spiders are a christmas animal.

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