I Injured Myself in Japan’s Most Extreme South | Okinawa

From Abroad in Japan.

Ishigaki island is Japan’s ultimate tropical paradise. In the final episode of Journey Across Japan: Escape to paradise, we explore it by land, sea and air in numerous hellish ways.
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JAJ: Escape to Paradise | Episode 1
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JAJ: Escape to Paradise | Episode 2
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🍹 https://youtu.be/onnkLQPgUEM

00:00 Why Ishigaki Island, Okinawa
02:54 Parasailing Ishigaki’s Seas
09:04 Okinawa Ramen
11:28 Ishigaki’s Hidden Blue Cave
16:04 NOT Takeshi’s Castle
25:55 Epic Natsuki VS Ryotaro Sword Battle

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