I Made a Desk with Built-In Piano Keyboard // Tiny Apartment Build Ep. 18

From Get Hands Dirty.

I hope you enjoy my coming-back episode on how I made a floating desk with a built-in piano keyboard! For some extra storage, I also built a mobile cabinet with a secret drawer. Many thanks to Rockler for sponsoring this project! https://www.rockler.com

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Aluminium Bar Clamps https://www.rockler.com/surefoot-aluminum-bar-clamps
Quick-lever Clamps https://www.rockler.com/rockler-quick-lever-aluminum-clamp
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Router Lift https://www.rockler.com/shop?w=router+lift
Router Fence https://www.rockler.com/shop?w=router+fence
Undermount Drawer Slides https://www.rockler.com/blum-tandem-full-extension-drawer-slide-kit-with-blumotion-soft-close

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Wireless Charger https://amzn.to/3CSMo1L
Charger Power Brick https://amzn.to/3wh7Hc1

Video References:
“A friend like me” by Dave Wave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqW-Hfk0FN0
Crafted Workshop Drawer Slides Video https://youtu.be/VDWUrvRQhJY

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