I made an album in a day using EVERY mode

From David Bennett Piano.

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I had three hours left in the recording studio so, with nothing prepared, I wrote and recorded 7 solo piano tracks, each one using a different major scale mode.

Watch the full performance of all 7 pieces here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUaLUKf_Y1sZVMFuo12T4ExR7JijGN9F&si=QpSWAuv2QvsXhuPp

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0:00 the challenge
0:47 C Ionian (major scale)
3:25 D dorian
5:55 E phrygian
7:30 my HDpiano course
8:07 F lydian
10:52 G mixolydian
13:05 A aeolian (natural minor scale)
16:03 B locrian
20:29 Conclusion