I Stayed in Japan’s BIGGEST Hot Spring VS. Abandoned Ghost Town ♨️ Feat. @CDawgVA

From Abroad in Japan.

Kyushu is home to Japan’s largest hot spring town of Beppu. @CDawgVA and I head off across the island on a road trip from ghost towns and Wagyu, to the stunning Takachio Gorge and a bizarre love hotel.
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Edited by Chris Broad & Paul Ballard

00:00 Why We’re in Miyazaki, Japan
02:30 Japan’s Ghost Village
08:32 Bamboo Pipe Noodles
10:15 Soaked in Takachiho Gorge
12:48 Traditional Inn, Ryokan
16:01 A5 Miyazaki Wagyu
18:29 Beppu Hot Springs
22:25 The Dinosaur Love Hotel

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