In Maine, the Art of Basketry Hangs On By a Thread | Atlas Obscura x Visit Maine

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Step into the world of Jeremy Frey, a distinguished master of Wabanaki Basketry and a proud guardian of his Passamaquoddy heritage in the captivating state of Maine. With a lineage that traces back seven generations and beyond, he continues a timeless tradition deeply rooted in the local landscape.

We take an intimate glimpse into Jeremy’s creative process, as he transforms ash wood harvested from the nearby forests into stunning works of art. From the intricacies of his designs to the finesse of his weaving, each basket is a testament to his resilience and commitment to preserving this traditional art form.

To view and/or buy Wabanaki Art from Maine, visit the below sites:

Abbe Museum/Abbe Gift Shop in downtown Bar Harbor –
Wabanaki Winter Market –
Common Ground Country Fair –
Abbe Museum Indian Market – Abbe Museum Indian Market
Portland Museum of Art – Portland Museum of Art

This video was sponsored by Visit Maine.

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