Inside Japan’s Earthquake Simulator

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This is the world’s largest earthquake simulator, here’s how it works. For a free trial to Shopify go to

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A massive thank you to everyone at NIED for allowing access to their facility. Massive thanks to Okouchi-san for arranging this shoot.

A huge thank you to Dr. Yohsuke Kawamata for the tour of E-defense and for sharing his deep expertise.

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Directed by Will Wood and Petr Lebedev
Written by Will Wood, Petr Lebedev and Derek Muller
Edited by Jack Saxon and Trenton Oliver
Animated by Fabio Albertelli, Ivy Tello, Leigh Williamson, David Szakaly
Filmed by Petr Lebedev, Lui Kimishima and Derek Muller
Produced by Will Wood, Petr Lebedev, Han Evans and Derek Muller
Thumbnail by Ren Hurley

Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images and NIED (E-defense)
Music from Epidemic Sound