Is interstellar travel possible? – with Les Johnson

From The Royal Institution.

What does a NASA scientist thinks about the future of interstellar travel? Find out about the challenges and the realities of travelling beyond our solar system.

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The age-old dream of venturing forth into the cosmos and perhaps even colonising distant worlds may one day become a reality.

Join Les Johnson as he explores the physics and technologies that may enable us to reach the stars. From the latest exoplanet discoveries to promising interstellar missions on the not-so-distant horizon.

In this talk, discover the exciting new developments in cosmic travel, as well as the daunting challenges that we will need to overcome in order to realise tomorrow’s possibilities.

Thumbnail image credit: Andrzej Mirecki via Wikimedia Commons

Les Johnson is a husband, father, physicist, and author of science fiction / science fact. His latest non-fiction book about the new wonder material, Graphene, was reviewed in Nature, excerpted in American Scientist and Salon.Com. His next novel, Saving Proxima, with co-author Travis Taylor, will be released by Baen Books in hardcover in the summer of 2021. In his "day job" he works in the Science and Technology Office at the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama where he serves as the Solar Sail Principal Investigator for NASA’s first interplanetary solar sail mission, the Near Earth Asteroid Scout and the Principal Investigator of the Solar Cruiser mission.

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