Is This Rooftop Turbine the Future of Energy… or an Old Idea?

From Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

Is This Rooftop Turbine the Future of Energy… or an Old Idea? Secure your privacy with Surfshark! Enter coupon code UNDECIDED for an extra 4 months free at A new shrouded wind turbine, the Ventum Dynamics VX175, just hit the market in February. What makes the VX175 so different is the lantern-like structure wrapped around the body: a shroud. Shrouds are anything but a novel idea. Researchers have experimented with amplifying a turbine’s power output by covering the rotor for centuries, like Erasmus Darwin’s turbine. How much of this new rooftop wind turbine is a new idea vs. a rehash of a much older one? And what kind of impact can it have on the future of energy?

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