John and Hank Hanging Out but they Keep Getting Younger and More Pixelated

From vlogbrothers.

Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate. I took a little time this year to go through and watch all of our reunion videos and get a little weepy about all of the things we have been through and how this went from something very silly and tiny to something very silly and big. And also serious…maybe too serious sometimes. This video makes me want to be sillier and smaller, but also I want to go bigger and more interesting…it’s a conflict! Let’s do both! Somehow…we’ve always figured out how to do weird impossible things before…I think we can do that.

Thanks as always for being a part of this thing, whether this is your first video or you’ve already seen all of these.

00:00 Worst Reunion Video Ever
3:58 Chippy butty chaos
7:58 discovery of chippy butty
11:53 Early YouTube
15:17 Decade old tweets
19:17 cemetery trip
23:16 reunion spectacular
27:14 mindblowers
31:14 vlogbrothers reunited
35:06 foolish endeavors | beautiful words
39:04 smooth jazz airport reunion
42:59 why are we still doing this reunion video
46:59 definitely not a pecan orchard
50:57 pizza cocktails with john and hank
54:56 I mustache you: a pizzamas reunion
58:54 turtles all the way down reunion video
1:01:12 green brothers reunited
1:05:11 baby poop rookie vlogbrothers reunited
1:09:09 things you don’t know about us
1:13:06 suit up a very fancy reunion video
1:16:53 question tuesday the goat edition
1:20:43 reunion mini golf
1:23:42 global health and human hair
1:27:08 reunion tuesday! friday! whatever
1:30:41 the fault in our stars movie premiere
1:34:00 the naughty professor hank and john at the beach
1:37:58 reunion! arm wrestling, drawing, and questions
1:41:50 esther day 2013
1:43:40 tfios movie bees babys and more
1:47:38 adorable squirrel and table topics
1:51:18 nerds at the beach: a reunion video
1:53:35 in n out-erview
1:56:49 nicest hotel room in the world
1:58:39 greek phallic disco balls: a free association game
2:02:32 hanks question tuesday debut
2:06:31 hanklerfish
2:10:22 ellen hard castle is here!
2:13:26 p4a space pasta and giant squids of anger
2:17:16 how to be a nerd fighter, a vlogbrothers faq
2:20:59 amazing christmas facts with john and hank
2:24:59 john and hank take on x-scape
2:28:09 sharing presents in westport
2:31:40 life on tour
2:35:02 hank and john from the road
2:39:01 a secret project for nerdfighters
2:43:00 june 11: surprise

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