John Woo on five key John Woo films: AP full interview

From Associated Press.

John Woo has returned to Hollywood — guns blazing. The 77-year-old filmmaker’s latest project is "Silent Night," a dialogue-free action thriller starring Joel Kinnaman as a father on a quest for revenge. It’s his first U.S. production in two decades.

Woo’s "heroic bloodshed" Hong Kong films in the ’80s and ’90s featured heavily stylized action sequences alongside heartfelt melodrama and proved a lasting influence in Hollywood, from "The Matrix" to "John Wick."

He sat down with The Associated Press to reflect on five key films from his past — from his 1974 directorial debut "The Young Dragons" to the off-kilter 1997 sci-fi of "Face/Off," starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

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00:12 – "The Young Dragons" (1974)
02:56 – "A Better Tomorrow" (1986)
07:59 – "The Killer" (1989)
15:00 – "Hard Target" (1993)
18:28 – "Face/Off" (1997)