Jupiter-X / Juno-X: Beyond the vintage models

From Alex Ball.

Last year I shot some bonus footage of the Jupiter-X and Juno-X whilst they were both in the studio to answer two questions I kept getting about them:

1) What’s the difference between the Juno-X and Jupiter-X?
2) Can they make their own sounds that aren’t recreations of old sounds?

In this video I answer those questions in a practical way.

0:00 Since 1973 Song
0:35 What is this video about?
1:39 Jupiter-X Example 1
4:55 Juno-X Example 1
6:23 Jupiter-X Example 2
8:24 Juno-X Example 2
11:00 Jupiter-X Example 3
12:41 Summary
13:20 Feature Track: Let It Happen

This video was sponsored by Roland.