Just How HEAVY Is Tesla’s Cybertruck? TEN Transport Evolved News Episode 459

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This week, automakers backtrack on EV goals, Elon Musk discusses the Cybertruck’s weight, and both RIvian and Mercedes-Benz get into the Halloween spirit!

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00:30 – Welcome!
00:39 – Editorial Note
01:26 – Everyone, from GM to Volkswagen, Ford, GM, and others, delays EVs or EV projects
02:21 – Elon Musk hints at weight of cybertruck, plus performance chops, ahead of launch as lottery tickets go out to shareholders
03:16 – UAW strike at Ford, Stellantis and GM now appears over, as voting takes place
04:12 – Jury rules 9-3 in favor of Tesla in civil case concerning alleged autopilot death
05:11 – Toyota cuts its EV sales predictions for 2023, but expands investment in lithium-ion battery production facility for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs
06:11 – While rumors fly about 2024 F150 LIghtning price increases, Ford’s electric pickup goes on sale in Switzerland
07:04 – Chevrolet confirms that its Equinox EV won’t start from $30,000, but the new entry-level model, due in 2024, will have more range.
08:01 – CATL begins production at a new facility capable of one battery cell per minute, one battery pack every three minutes.
08:56 – Hertz confirms it’s slowing down its EV transition, citing repair costs, residual values
09:51 – Citroën unveils the e-C3 – and we want one.
10:47 – Sponsored Segment: UGears
12:11 – Jaguar iPace recalled for overheating battery pack
12:33 – Lucid Air Recalled for faulty rear seat heater
12:51 – BMW i5, i7 recalled for defective hands-on detection system
13:11 – Lotus unveils its first electric bicycle, promises only 136 examples will be made
13:30 – Following positive feedback from dealerships, Vinfast rumored to be considering VF4 Mini SUV EV for US
13:49 – Reporting suggest IF Metal strike at Tesla service centers in Sweden didn’t go as planned
14:09 – Rivian confirms that all new vehicles produced at its Illinois production facility are charged with 100% renewable electricity
14:27 – Ford expands its Blue Oval charging network for customers by adding additional charging providers
14:46 – Hyundai slashes the cost of its 2024 IONIQ 6
15:04 – Panasonic confirms demand for its EV cells are dropping, but Tesla’s demand remains strong
15:21 – Volkswagen teases the first wagon to be built with an ID. badge
15:42 – Zeekr under promises and over delivers with the 001 FR
16:03 – BYD posts impressive Q3 profits of more than $1.4 billion, despite ongoing price war
16:21 – GreenPower Motor Company unveils its longest range electric school bus yet
16:38 – Rivian warns it will start charging for use of its Adventure Charging NEtwork this month
16:55 – First Wabtec FLX Drive enters service at Australian mine
17:15 – Evoke 6061-GT to head to the U.S., with nearly 30 kWh of battery capacity
17:34 – FAA, USAF team up to define new framework, categorizations for eVTOL aircraft in the USA
17:54 – Infineon, Eaton working together to design a BMS for EVs
18:11 – First Bus in Norwich, Norfolk, goes electric
18:33 – SkyDrive says production is underway at Suzuki plant for its eVTOL aircraft
18:52 – Ola successfully completes its latest funding round.
19:14 – Nikola publishes its Q3 results, shows widening loses
19:36 – Early reviews of Toyota/Lexus’ new manual transmission for EVs isn’t as bad as we feared
19:56 – Volvo confirms it will begin producing the EX30 EV in Europe from 2025 onwards
20:13 – Nissan says while its planned solid-state batteries will run hot, they won’t need cooling
20:33 – Plug-in vehicles represented 1/4 of all new cars registered in California during Q3
20:51 – Sondors is the subject of multiple BBB investigation.
21:11 – StoreDot says its cells show not detrimental degradation after 1,000 XFC
21:27 – Subaru joins the switch to NACS
21:49 – Sponsored Segment: Atmos Financial
23:07 – Ultra Violette F77 to debut at EICMA
24:12 – Rivian, Mercedes-Benz, get in the Halloween Spirit
25:10 – Thanks, and Goodbye!

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