JWST breaks most distant galaxy record AGAIN | Night Sky News June 2024

From Dr. Becky.

AD – Head to https://squarespace.com/drbecky to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code DRBECKY. | In this episode of Night Sky News for June 2024 we’re chatting about how to spot the Milky Way, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in the sky this month, how on 5th July Earth reaches aphelion (its furthest distance from the Sun in its orbit), the issues with Boeing’s Starliner, the solar storm and aurora on Mars that the Curiosity Rover spotted, how the Hubble Space Telescope is back up and running but only with one gyroscope now operating, and a galaxy spotted by JWST which could be the most distant galaxy ever found with the light taking 13.4 billion years to get to us.

My video on why the southern hemisphere has the best view of the Milky Way – https://youtu.be/Ieq_z81JpL8
My video with astrophotography tips – https://youtu.be/ToN15U6dy1Q
My video on the slowest pulsar ever found – https://youtu.be/6EHl0GRBSbs
My video on whether SpaceX can save the Hubble Space Telescope – https://youtu.be/UraYUQH_z68
Last month’s Night Sky News video – https://youtu.be/aUCBDeirX-A

Caleb et al. (2024; discovery of possible slowest pulsar ASKAP J1935+2148) – https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-024-02277-w
Carniani et al. (2024; JWST’s most distant galaxy – NOT PEER REVIEWED) – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2405.18485

00:00 Introduction
01:04 Spotting the Milky Way
02:44 Jupiter, Mars & Saturn before sunrise
04:31 Aphelion on July 5
07:30 Slowest Pulsar Ever Seen
08:05 Starliner’s Woes
09:50 Hubble now operating with one gyroscope
13:42 Curiosity and MAVEN record solar storms hitting Mars
16:37 JWST spots most distant galaxy ever found
22:19 Bloops

Video filmed on a Sony ⍺7 IV
Video edited by Jonny Hyman

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